African beauty.

African Beauty
Measures of beauty can’t be always be measured. Everyone has his own beauty tasting.
With this painting if we look to the features of the woman’s face many will not see her a beautiful woman. Many will see her beautiful as i see here. Often we link between beauty and sex that can be when we look with eyes of covetousness. But to see the really beauty of a woman you must use the eyes of your heart. We must know that every woman has her own way to show her beauty.

Our woman in this painting shows her beauty with different ways. For sure her head is shaven or has a short hair. But with this lovely elegant black turban she has added what can show a part from her beauty. If we look at her eyebrow we can see it’s embellished. She also had added eyeliner around her eyes. The lips i think it can be an ideal lips for nowadays makeup. The necklace is an African style one that can add more to show her beauty.

Every woman shows her beauty to everyone but be specially for men. The woman knows what can attract the men. So the men in Africa can be attracted to women beauty with different way than men in Europe.



This pastel painting is one of my favorite. Painting it I based on B&W picture. The body was completely naked, i added some leaves to hide some parts of her breast thinking it can be more exciting.Its size is 30c×40c.